About The Owners

Jeff and Stephanie Gilkerson are both from Central Illinois, from Metamora and Washington respectively. The two were married in 1989 and settled down in Lacon to start a family. They have been raising 4 pretty awesome kids for the last 25 years all the while, testing their recipes with their children, friends and family.

Jeff, who acquired the nickname Fro from his coworkers in the 80’s, has been a welder, fabricator for 30 years. Fro was bitten by the “smoked meat bug” in the mid 80’s from Yule, one of his father’s friends. Since then, he has been hard at work crafting the best rubs and sauces and 15 years ago, he built his first smoker. Just this year, Fro completed his biggest and best smoker yet, in the form of a 20 ft. long, multipurpose, smoker-trailer. Using all the best designs and ideas from the top smoked meat joints in the Southern United States, this smoker is portable and capable of handling hundreds of pounds of meat every day.

Stephanie, or Fro’s better half, has been a cosmetologist for over 30 years. There is a long line of women in her family that have proven to be excellent cooks and are very inventive with bringing old recipes into the present. She makes everything from scratch daily, nothing out of a premixed bag or box and nothing frozen. Except the chocolate ice box pie, which you just must try! She’s detail oriented, friendly, personable, and truly provides that homemade feel you look for in comfort foods.


We strive to provide a casual, communal meal experience with the fusion of traditional smoked meats with modern flavors. At FroSmoke's, we value freshness, quality, perfection, and community above all. It is our goal to bring people together by providing the best experience of classic foods with fresh flavors.

Come join our family for a homecooked meal!

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